Support Our Police and Keep them Local:

I will be the voice of the people. I want to restore integrity to Dallas City government and lead the charge as the champion for the Police and all first responders, that they have the resources they need to keep themselves and our families and streets safe. 

Fiscal Accountability to Dallas Constituents:

 The recent scandals with ethics and corruption of current and former members of the Dallas City Council also prompted her decision to run as a representative of the people. Fiscal accountability is my number two priority. I want to make sure that the tax payers know what their money is being spent on and that it is being spent wisely, not on foolish projects.  

Election Integrity:

My experiences as a poll watcher taught me first hand there are serious problems with the election process, and I want to ensure that your vote counts as you intended it to. I also have a definitive and workable plan to address the homeless problem in Dallas that would show immediate results, especially for Dallas' homeless military veterans.  

Let's Empower Our Homless