Candidacy Announcement

Tami Brown Rodriquez Announces Candidacy for Dallas City Council District 9:

Taking advantage of today being the historic day that Texas won its Independence in 1836, populist candidate Tamara "Tami" Brown Rodriquez officially announced her candidacy for Dallas City Council District 9, the District covering the jewels of Dallas, the Lake Highlands/White Rock Lake neighborhoods. A dynamic powerhouse of energy and accomplishment, the raven-haired Dallas businesswoman has a pedigree that includes many years of government and business contract negotiation, advising, and championing the cause of the common citizen. She has been awarded "Business Woman of the Year" by several national organizations.

Her well-schooled and experienced positions on what her home District 9 needs and what is good for the City of Dallas in general: "I want to be the voice of the people," she starts out with, "I want to restore integrity to Dallas City government and lead the charge as the champion for the Police and all first responders, that they have the resources they need to keep themselves and our families and streets safe."

The recent scandals with ethics and corruption of current and former members of the Dallas City Council also prompted her decision to run as a representative of the people. She continues, "Fiscal accountability is my number two priority. I want to make sure that the tax payers know what their money is being spent on and that it is being spent wisely, not on foolish projects.

My third priority is ensuring that voter fraud is eliminated in Dallas. My experiences as a poll watcher taught me first hand there are serious problems with the election process, and I want to ensure that your vote counts as you intended it to." Ms. Brown Rodriquez also has a definitive and workable plan to address the homeless problem in Dallas that would show immediate results, especially for Dallas' homeless military veterans. With her razor-sharp intellect and obvious vast business experience, she promises to be a formidable opponent to beat. 


Supporting Our Police - 03/09/2019

As a daughter of a police officer, I know exactly what it's like to not to know if your loved one will come home. On Saturday, I completed the Volunteers in Patrol (VIP) training and became "one of the family" according to Officer Kelley who lead the 4-hour training. This election should not be about empty promises, but a willingness to roll your sleeves up and DO the work. Councilman McGough was also in attendance on Saturday to celebrate reaching 1000 volunteers certified to assist our Police.